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Growth Services Success Series: Volume 1 Featuring Brevvie

by Cara Parchment | Jun 21, 2019

The first Growth Services Success Series took me to the office of Brevvie where I spoke with Timothy Murphy, Co-Founder. Timothy shared with me just how OCTANe Growth Services has helped Brevvie and the resources he has received. For those of you new to what Brevvie stands for, it means Briefly Rent Everything. Meaning you no longer have to buy common household items that you might only use once or twice like a karaoke machine or a Yeti cooler. Simply download the app and pick up items in a Brevvie smart locker conveniently located in an area near you! 

How did you originally hear about OCTANe’s Growth Services?

OCTANe’s Growth Services was recommended to us through Leila Entezam who sits on Brevvie’s advisory board.

How did Growth Services assist you?  What has your experience been working with Growth Services?

Growth Services has been key in getting Brevvie in front of the right people, and connecting us with potential investors and partners we otherwise wouldn’t have gotten exposure to.  Brevvie is “in the mix” to a higher degree within the OC startup community as a direct result of being a Growth Services company.

The team at OCTANe, Nicole Washington and David Ruff, are always positive and happy to advise on anything Brevvie happens to need - due diligence on an investor; review of a pitch deck; counsel on approaching IP and data strategy;  The advice and counsel we receive from Nicole and her team has always helped push Brevvie farther and faster than we would have without it.

What are the resources you received? How do you think that has prepared you for what’s next at Brevvie?

For a first-time entrepreneur, Growth Services helps navigate a confusing landscape of starting a business, raising funds, and ensuring a company is well positioned to scale.  Nicole and David feel like part of the Brevvie team, opening doors that would have otherwise been closed to an early stage startup.  This access to potential investors, service partners, events like TIF, and warm introductions to advisors offer the biggest value to Brevvie.  Growth Services is always making sure Brevvie is focused on the things that make the next step in the startup journey possible.

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