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How to gain a competitive advantage in the eyes of tenants as the demand for rental housing continue

As the amenity war continues in the multifamily space, the new buzzword is proptech. Demand is at an all-time high for apartment homes and housing facilities, and as such has driven up prices, pushing many consumers to closely compare their housing choices to see what amenities each have that could help seal the deal or save them money in the long run. Proptech is something many people – particularly Gen Z and Millenials – are closely looking at when selecting their rental destination of choice. However, in many cases, proptech is something utilized behind the scenes, helping with leases or security for example. While proptech in these instances do help the company, they aren’t things that the tenant sees on the frontend as added value. And while we’d like to think that most consumers see value in the unseen, the truth is that most have to see it to believe it, and buy into it.

In our ever changed world, we are seeing advances in proptech emerge that can save consumers money, reduce waste, and allow for efficient use of space in rental units. Once such advancement is the introduction of Brevvie. This consumer product rental management company offers turnkey solutions that reduce waste and expenses, while helping residents free up space within apartment homes. Companies like this combine renting consumer goods (like Dyson vacuums which are the number one rental item) through electronic lockers that are conveniently operated via mobile applications. While rents may be at an all-time premium, offering solutions like this that offer tangible wins for clients can become the deal breaker for consumers when comparing rental properties.

From Yeti coolers and kitchen appliances to tents, tables, chairs and beyond, proptech solutions like Brevvie are just what the generations of today look for.

Many multifamily landlords such as Invesco, Greystar, Bosa, Lowe, Lyon Living and Avalon Bay have already placed Brevvie onsite and are noticing immediate value such as:

  1. Showcasing Brevvie on the property tour gives new residents a reason to choose that property over the competing property because residents don’t have to buy those products or store them.

  2. Residents seeking to support sustainability view Brevvie as an Earth healthy option to overconsumption and will spend lease dollars to support the cause. The amount of trash saved by sharing items trickles down from shipping and packaging materials to consumers throwing away items due to storage concerns.

  3. Landlords can gift product rentals rather than allow free rent for renewals or lease up incentives.

  4. Each locker holds up to $3,000 worth of products that residents don’t have to spend their own money to buy.

  5. The convenience of having items on site rather than having residents buy them and have them delivered.

  6. ESG (environmental social governance) is a hot button for future looking companies. Brevvie’s mission is to reduce overconsumption by offering options to share items with accountability.

  7. Conversion kits are available for parcel lockers that are underutilized.

Many multi-family facilities view the value of systems like this as strong, but the long term impact of these proptech amenities is viewed as being even stronger, and as the way of the future. Brevvie has received widespread customer and media interest in its business philosophy and for its overall holistic impact on both people and the planet. Additionally, while consumers across the globe continue to be impacted by product delays due to the most backlogged production and shipping timelines we have seen in our history, it makes having the items you need or want now at your fingertips even more priceless.

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