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Is There Really Such A Thing As Affluent Homeless?

Updated: May 1, 2019

I recently read an article in NPR and it made my head spin. Maybe it’s because I’m having a mid life crisis….or maybe it’s because the concept is so out there. To sum it up, the author interviews a wealthy homeless 27 year old man named Steven Johnson. Homeless in the literal term, having no intentional home. Not the kind you are thinking. The idea of not owning things appeals to him as an easier lifestyle. How can that be? He states: "When you don't own things, you don't have to keep track of them. You just show up."

The thought of just showing up is so intriguing. I do believe less really can be a better lifestyle. I also believe in the circular economy and building a better future for our children. That is why Brevvie is on a mission to provide convenient rent and return options for all to enjoy.

Check out the article for yourself.

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