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Southern California grocery giant, Albertsons, offers sustainability in a unique way.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA– Brevvie recently launched four Albertsons locations in Orange and San Diego Counties, making it the first grocery store to fully embrace sustainability in a consumer friendly way.

Albertsons is now allowing customers to rent consumer goods from within their walls, rather than having to purchase them elsewhere. The concept, while not entirely new, is very simple. A glass front locked or closet type looking locker is filled with items at the entrance of each store. It hosts items from tools and camping gear to games and kitchen gadgets. Customers scan the QR code on the door then rent and take the item they need. After use, the customer brings back the item and follows the same procedure.

Rentals can be for the day, weekend or even hour. The goal is to make renting items more convenient than buying and storing them. Of course there are rules to renting, like return it as you found it, but those can be found here.

“For a grocery store such as Albertsons to see the value in sustainability like this is a game changer.” Said Kristine Everly, Co-Founder of Brevvie. “Providing this option for their mainly food seeking customers allows more efficiencies for the consumer but also additional micro-trips for Albertsons. Imaging renting a YETI cooler for the day then simply walking one aisle over to fill it with ice and drinks. Then at the end of the day you get to drop off the cooler and pick up dinner.”

The sustainability aspect is drawing more and more attention with a focus on ESG. The idea of sharing consumer goods means less purchasing of items and less waste. Community members can share a ladder instead of individuals buying and storing their own. This is the opposite of consumerism as it means less products need to be made and therefore less thrown away.

Albertsons four locations include two in Irvine and two in San Diego. The first location to launch was in Irvine because of its close proximity to the University California, Irvine campus and its students. “Dorm rooms can be on the tight side,” said Kristine, “students now have the option to rent items like a Dyson vacuum, use it and then return it so it’s not in their dorm.”

Albertsons locations:

4541 Campus Dr, Irvine, CA 92612

655 14th St, San Diego, CA 92101

8920 Fletcher Pkwy, La Mesa, CA 91942

14201 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, CA 92620


Brevvie offers reservations, subscription, and casual rental of consumer goods starting at $4.99 to $25.99 depending on the product and length of rental. Consumers can choose items available on the app such as tents, tools, beach chairs, sports equipment, vacuums, games, and much more - then pick them up instantly at a fully automated smart locker.

Brevvie is a PropTech company focused on a circular economy approach to retail in order to reduce waste. Brevvie combines rentable products, electronic locker delivery systems, and a mobile app to provide a fully automated, on demand ecosystem of rentable goods. Brevvie is a full service delivery network that drives revenue and traffic through its network of locations. Brevvie markets to multi-family communities, commercial office buildings, grocery stores, hotels, recreation centers, HOA’s, city and state beaches, retailers, and universities throughout North America. Brevvie welcomes Franchise and Affiliates to acquire more information by calling 949-397-6444 or

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