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Renting Soon at The Runway

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Play Vista, also known as Silcon Beach, knows what it takes to be sexy..and smart.

Residents love the idea of not purchasing items

Many of today's younger workforce are living in urban settings. Especially in areas where traffic can take over an hour each way even to go a few miles. This makes apartment and city living attractive. Many apartment residents enjoy walkability to nearby food establishments and shopping venues.

With all the benefits of apartment living at hand, the idea of owning less stuff is becoming more and more a reality. Flexibilty is more valued and packing up to move to Paris is not a far fetched idea. Renting products without owning and storing them is now a popular idea. The once so popular desire to own is being plagued by the freeness of less stuff. Apartment residents continue to live life though. For example, renting a tent and supplies for a weekend trip can now be an affordable experience. Not to mention when the trip is over, residents don't have to store the tent they bought on their balcony or take up valuable closet space.

Consuming less also has perks for the enviroment that the savvy residents of The Runway can't get enough of!

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