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Brevvie Is Renting At The George In Anaheim.

The George in Anaheim finds unique amenities to offer their valued residents. Product rentals has been out of reach for some time due to logistics but now it is a dream come true.

Lyon Living

Offering residents items to rent rather than having them stored on balconies was something always talked about but never considered due to the logistics and man power behind renting. Lyon Living partnered with Brevvie in December 2018 to pilot the first product automated rental system of it's kind.

Customer View

Brevvie customers tell the company that their residents are able to do more because they can afford items not previously in reach. “I can’t afford to buy and then store a bed for my mom when she visits. With an aero bed in the Brevvie unit, I can use it for the weekend she is here and only pay $16.”

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